Clark's Sales & Service


Matt and the boys keep my old truck going. They are great.

Logan D. (A Google review)

It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for your business.

James S. (A Google review)

These guys go above and beyond. I broke down over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and they came and fixed my car on the side of the road.

Harman L. (A Google review)

Always a great experience, highly recommended to anyone who is in the need of their service.

Mike R. (A Google review)

They were wonderful. They came and helped me get my car to the shop and worked quickly with helping fix it. Will definitely come here again!!

Brandon S. (A Google review)

Replaced my windshield in no time!!! Best service EVER!!!!

Sarah B. (A Google review)

Took my tractor to dem there tractor repair guys and gals, in the big city of leslie!!! They did one heck of a job, on that there tractor, runs like a 1918 Waterloo boy should. They even put a spit shine on that ole girl. That there was my first trip to that big city of leslie, looks to be a good place to visit on our next vacation with the kin folks, the only thing is I think it's the head quarters for them little people, that's all they gots over there, little people and they keep yelling at a " squirrel " out back. Strange but a great place to take your ole girl for a tune up!!!

Justin F. (A Google review)

Took my push mower up to be diagnosed, they ended up fixing the problem, and even though it cost nearly 4x on the bill still made it right at the diagnosis price, unlike a typical mechanic that would charge you as much as possible. Thanks y'all, I'll definitely be taking anything I don't want to work on to you.

Randy P. (A Google review)

They very helpful, and friendly!

Tim L. (A Google review)

I can always count on Clark's to fix my car. They have helped with everything from brakes to auto glass. I'm always very happy with the customer service I get from Matt and his team!

Amy and Elizabeth A. (A Google review)

While driving had a metal shield from under the car come loose...the service guy came out and bolted it back on. Thank you so much for taking the time to get us back on the road on a cold day!

Barbara W. (A Google review)

Never had a bad experience with Clarks. Used them for years from fixing a flat tire to overhauling my skidsteer. Just recently had my generator rebuilt and a tune up on the zero turn. There isn't much these guys can't fix.

Seth E. (A Google review)

Brought my Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi in there to fix it and got it back the same day. Plus a great price. Thanks Clarks Sales and Service.

John C. (A Google review)

I got a flat tire on my way to work yesterday and they put my spare on for me. I went to pay and he told me don't worry about it. I am very thankful they helped me and for the generosity and speedy service! Thank you so much!

Nicole C. (A Google review)